Calling all cryptographers, puzzle addicts, and linguists, alike!

Do you think there isn't any code or secret language you can't solve?  Are you looking for a new or different endeavor to take on?  Take the Ersa challenge!  I'm afraid I don't have a monetary award to offer anyone able to solve it, but I can guarantee that it is quite the puzzle!

A little about Ersa: Ersa is a "twin language" written and developed by me and my sister over twenty years ago.  While we both used to be nearly fluent in this language, time and distance have both done their part in reducing said fluency.  Now, as a science fiction writer, I endeavor to keep Ersa alive ... both as a challenge to others and as a potential rival to Klingon and Elvish!

Good luck!

The Ersa Challenge is also available at MySpace.
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